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Preschool Advantage
Turning Leaves Gala 2015
Ivan and Nicole
Dr. Barnett
About Preschool Advantage
Turning Leaves Gala 2015-2
Alumnus Amber Gaston tells her story
Bob Ward at the 2017 Gala
Alison Diamond ​at the 2017 Gala
Michael Salerno ​ at the 2017 Gala
2017 Turning Leaves Highlights

Informational Videos

New Jersey's Abbott Preschool 
Success Story
​2015 United Way Public Officials Forum: Quality Preschool Works
Why Preschool is So Important
​The Importance of Early Childhood Education
Research on Early Education ​
​Early Learning Brain Development and Lifelong Outcomes
​Why does early years education matter?
​What is the most important influence on child development | Tom Weisner | TEDxUCLA
​The Importance of a Child's First Five Years
​Change the First Five Years and You Change Everything!