Admission Information

It is our philosophy to look at each application individually to get a true understanding of the family's need for support, and their commitment to educating their child.  We use guidelines to help us in this process, but we do not follow rigid rules to determine our selection. Our approach is one way in which Preschool Advantage is different from other funding sources in the community.
Click on the family profile to learn about the average Preschool Advantage family. 

Key consideration used in evaluating applications:

  • The family demonstrates a need for financial assistance 
  • The family shows a strong commitment to education for their preschooler

Application deadlines:

While applications can be submitted at any time, applicants are strongly encouraged to submit their request by February 28 each year for school programs beginning the following September.  Applications received by this date will be given priority in the review process. Later applications will only be considered if any funding remains available.

Does the Preschool Advantage program meet the needs of the family?

Each family must determine if the Preschool Advantage program will work for them, based on these factors: 
  • The child's daily transportation to and from the partner preschool must be provided by the family. 
  • Preschool Advantage covers only half-day programs during the school year. Some partner preschools offer full-day, extended care, and/or summer programs, but the additional costs of these services are the responsibility of the family.  For more information on availability and costs, please contact the partner preschool.
  • The child must be 3 or 4 years old by October 1 of the school year.