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Preschool Advantage funds quality preschool education in Morris County and surrounding communities for children of families in need.

Since 1995, Preschool Advantage has recognized the long-term impact that quality early childhood education has on the character of our community. Studies have demonstrated that early childhood education profoundly affects a child’s life: intellectual development, self-confidence, even future earning potential. It helps our children grow up to be responsible and fulfilled adults.

The concept of Preschool Advantage is to launch a lifetime of learning for children in our communities whose families are devoted to their education and who want their children to have the best possible start, but who cannot afford the cost of a quality preschool.

We fund a half-day school year (September – June) program for 3 and 4 year olds at one of our partner preschools.

Donations of Appreciated Stock

As year-end approaches, we know that many of our supporters are preparing to make thier annual donations. While cash gifts are of course welcome, we want to inform you that Preschool Advantage is able to accept gifts of appreciated securities as well.  Gifts of appreciated securities may be particularly appealing at this time given increases in income tax rates and the upward movement in the stock market over the past 2 years.  We encourage you to speak with your financial advisor about the possibly significant income tax benefits to donating appreciated securities compared with making cash donations.

For details on making a contribution of securities to Preschool Advantage, please call (973) 532-2501.


Turning Leaves Gala Fundraising Event - October 23, 2014

On behalf of the Trustees and staff, we would like to express our sincere gratitude and thanks to everyone who supported the 11th Annual Turning Leaves Gala event.  We are grateful for the generosity of our Gala guests, donors, volunteers and local businesses for making this event a great success.
We are pleased to share the great news:
Turning Leaves Gala raised over $90,000, enough money to send 24 children to preschool for an entire year!

Click here to see if you are featured in our slide show of photos!  Additional pictures will be added, shortly.

Golf Outing Event - June 3, 2014

Thanks everyone who participated in this year's annual Golf Outing at Morris County Golf Club.

Please plan on joining us next year for our 19th Annual Golf Invitational on Monday, June 22, 2015 at the Morris County Golf Cub.
Click here to see if you are featured in our slide show of photos!

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