​It is our mission to launch a lifetime of learning for children in our communities who cannot afford the cost of a high quality preschool.


​Ensure all local children have access to high quality preschool so they are prepared for a lifetime of learning. To do this, we will:
  • Grow the number of students funded each year;
  • Increase public awareness of our mission, the importance of a quality preschool education for our children and the benefits preschool education delivers for our community as a whole;
  • Serve as a resource for families as they seek out the best early education for their children;
  • Strive to gain recognition with our community, potential donors and volunteers as a valued organization worthy of support;
  • Create an innovative program model for preschool funding that can be replicated elsewhere;
  • Track the success of our students over time to further prove the value. 


Providing access to early education levels the playing field and creates opportunity for all children to realize their potential, regardless of their financial circumstances.

Investing in preschool is a highly efficient use of resources to build stronger, safer and more productive communities. We will ensure our resources are used efficiently to deliver the maximum benefit.

We will be fair and compassionate in our evaluation of applicants and will adapt to changing economic and demographic environments to optimize how we execute our mission in the future. 

We will stay true to our Founders' vision of creating "aha" moments for parents and students as they experience the dramatic impact of high quality preschool education. 

Who We Serve

We serve families with limited  options for funding preschool for their child.
  • New Jersey’s high cost of living is beyond what most jobs in the state can provide to working households.
    • The annual Household Survival Budget for the average NJ family of four, a measure that estimates the minimal cost of basic household necessities, is $69,012 for Morris County and $80,088 for Somerset County.
    • While Morris and Somerset Counties are among the most affluent counties in the state and indeed in the country, 25% - 30% of households struggle to meet basic living costs.                                                                                                        
  • The high cost of living has created a population of people who make too much to qualify for government  financial support but too little to cover day to day expenses, much less early education.  These ‘gap’ families are the core of the population we serve.     
  • Additionally we serve families outside this 'gap’ who face extenuating circumstances.
    • Families who earn a higher income but are battling crises that drain their financial resources such as family medical issues or personal disasters.
    • Families who are eligible for public assistance programs but cannot get into them due to the high demand or geographic challenges.

What We Do

​We identify, qualify and connect deserving families and high quality preschools, and provide the funding to enable children to attend these preschools.