Steps In The Application Process

January- February

  • Download and fill out the 2017-2018 application.
  • Please contact us by email or call our office at 973-532-2501 if you would like an application mailed to you.
​Deadline February 28th 


​Preschool Advantage:
  • Review applications. 
  • Meet with prospective families. 
  • Select families to receive funding.


  • Receive formal letter to the status of their application.
  • Selected families meet with the director of the placed preschool to complete all school-specific entrance requirements.


Family Orientation:
  • Selected students of the families attend session discussing child's transition to preschool. 


​Selected Students:
  • Begin school year.

NOTE: Applications received by  February 28 will be considered for the first wave of placement.  Applications received after this date will be reviewed in the order received and will be considered subject to available funding.  It is recommended that families make every effort to submit their application prior to February 28 to maximize their chance of receiving support.
All ready to go to school with my backpack and storybook!