​It is our mission to provide tuition for eligible children to attend our partner preschools.


It is our vision that all children are able to attend a quality preschool.


  • Build a foundation for children to succeed regardless of circumstances
  • Provide critical support for families during challenging periods 
  • Level the playing field for children without other quality preschool options
  • Build stronger, safer, and more productive communities 
  • Empathize without judgment for the myriad of difficult choices families face
  • Understand the barriers culturally diverse families face within our community 
  • Remain true to the mission
  • ​Conduct a transparent and fair selection process

Who We Serve

​​​We serve families with limited options for funding preschool for their child.
  • New Jersey’s high cost of living is beyond what most jobs in the state can provide to working households.
    • The annual Household Survival Budget  (a measure that estimates the minimal cost of basic household necessities) for the average NJ family of four is $81,522 for Morris County and $82,368 for Somerset County.  (Source: United Way ALICE Report)
    • While Morris and Somerset Counties are among the most affluent counties in the state and indeed in the country, 24% - 31% of households struggle to meet basic living costs.  
The high cost of living has created a population of people who make too much to qualify for government financial support but too little to cover day-to-day expenses; much less early education.  These ‘gap’ families are the core of the population we serve.     
​Additionally we serve families outside this 'gap' who face extenuating circumstances:
  • Families who earn a higher income but are battling crises that drain their financial resources such as family medical issues or personal disasters
  • Families who are eligible for public assistance programs but cannot get into them due to the high demand or geographic challenges

What We Do

​We identify, qualify, and connect deserving families and high quality preschools, and provide the funding to enable children to attend these preschools.